3 Quick Ways to Add Pages to a PDF

Add Pages to a PDF

Whether you’re adding a new page to your resume or creating a multi-page form, it’s important to know how to add pages to a PDF. Once you have them, you can easily edit them using an online editor or by using an application on your desktop.

Create a PDF with more pages by following these steps

If you have a PDF file and want to add more pages to it, there are several ways that you can do so.

First, open the PDF in Preview on your Mac or in Acrobat DC on Windows. Select the pages that you want to add to your document using Command-A for all pages or Ctrl+A for only selected items. According to the experts at Adobe Acrobat, “You can also use this method if you need to remove some pages from the document as well; just select them and then hit Delete.”

When everything is selected, drag and drop those images into where you’d like them placed in your new document (or onto another existing page). If there’s already something else on that spot—or if you don’t want any additional images there—you’ll see an alert telling you exactly what will happen when you drop the files down: whether they’ll overwrite existing content or create new ones on top of whatever else is already present at that location within your copybook file type (.pdf).

Using an Online PDF Editor

  • Go to an online PDF editor, like [http://www.pdf-archive.com]
  • Create a new document
  • Select the pages you want to merge and click “merge” or “combine” (depending on the software)
  • Save the document and choose where you want to save it

Merge PDF Files With a Desktop Application

If you have two PDFs that you want to merge into one document, a desktop application like Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview can help.

To do this, import both of the PDFs into your program. Then select the pages from each PDF that you want to combine and merge them. After doing so, choose “Save As” from your toolbar and save the merged file as another PDF (if desired).

Use Preview On Mac

To add pages to a PDF in Preview for Mac, follow these steps:

  • Open the PDF file in Preview.
  • Go to File > Open and select the file you want to add pages to.
  • Click on the Pages tab at the bottom of your screen and choose Add Page from the drop-down menu on its right side (or press Command + Shift + P).
  • Click on which page you wish to add a new page before or after (such as “8” if there were only 7 before), and then click Add Page again so that it changes from grayed-out text back into selected text with blue shading behind it (or press Command + Shift + K). You now have two pages instead of just one! Repeat this process as many times as necessary until all desired pages are added to an existing document (for example, if I wanted four total new ones after number eight).

In general, when it comes to adding pages to PDF, the best option is to use an online editor or desktop application. However, each of these processes can take some time and effort to perfect. For example, Preview on Mac allows you to easily merge two documents together by dragging one file into another; however, if your files aren’t in the right format (such as having different page sizes), this method won’t work well at all!

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