6 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Autumn

Home for Autumn

The night begins to draw in, the temperature becomes chillier, and the leaves begin to turn into hues of orange, red, and brown – that’s a sign that autumn is coming. By this time, you should try out debuting Pumpkin flavors in coffee shops and restaurants, and you should not miss out on Halloween events, harvest festivals, and Bonfire Night. 

But, there’s more to celebrating these autumn events since autumn also means harsher weather conditions and more cleaning up to do as the leaves fall off trees. Here we offer tips to prepare your home for autumn, such as cleaning your home with your vacuum and mop combo appliance or checking for any problems with the windows, doors, and even the roof. After all, preparing for autumn also means that your home should be warm and cozy.

1. Deep Clean Your Home

Having a cozy home should start with cleanliness. You wouldn’t want to relax among dusty furniture, right? Go ahead and give your windows a nice, clean wipe, and don’t forget to dust commonly neglected areas, such as the top of cupboards, cabinets, and shelves. You can start with the living room near your fireplace and work around the house. Since many events will be upcoming in autumn, it wouldn’t hurt to give your kitchen a deep clean. 

Give your fridge and oven a deep clean, and ensure that your pantry is dust and clutter-free. It would be best to invest in appliances for the long-term such as a steam cleaner, a vacuum mop, a robot mop, a carpet cleaner, a dishwasher, and many more.

2. Clear Up Your Gutters

If you think about autumn, you really wouldn’t miss the pile of fallen leaves in every direction. Though the orange hues of autumn do give a nice, warm view, it wouldn’t be nice if your gutter is clogged or damaged. After all, blocked gutters give rise to more problems such as leaky roofs to water damage to walls and ceilings when autumn rains begin to fall. 

You may want to try running water along your gutter to check if the water flow is not obstructed. If it is, there’s the option to remove excess debris manually, or if you’re not confident, there’s no harm in calling a professional for help.

3. Check your Windows, Doors, and Roof

Chillier weather and autumn rain could be a big hassle when you don’t check your windows, doors, and the roof. It is autumn when it becomes the perfect time to thoroughly inspect your home for cracks, holes, or any damage. For your doors, you may want to ensure that the kickplate isn’t damaged and the seal on the external door is not rotten or weakened. For the windows, inspect if there are any small leaks where air can pass through. 

You can employ the “wet hand” test where you wet your hand and hold it a few inches from the edge around the window. If you can feel air blowing on your hand, that’s a sign there’s a leak. You can use caulking to repair the leak and keep the windows sealed tight. 

The roof is also one crucial part of your home that you would want to check as damages on the roof could pose many problems during autumn rain and even during winter snow. Check if there are any leaks on the roof or cracked or loose tiles or slates. You may need to invest money in a professional such as Mighty Dog Roofing in Plano, Texas, but it would save you the hassle of going up your roof to repair the damages.

3. Check Your Heating System

Since the weather is getting chillier by this time, it would be best to check out if your heating system is ready for autumn and even winter. If you’re planning to use a fireplace for autumn, it’s about time you give it a thorough cleaning. Line the area with some newspaper and use a shovel and broom to remove all loose dust and ashes. Then you could use a wire brush to clean up the soot from the brick and then baking soda and warm water solution to remove the remaining soot. 

You should also ensure that you’ve swept the chimney properly and thoroughly unclogged it, so you won’t run into any problems, especially during winter. Additionally, you would want to stock up on firewood to ensure your fireplace.

If you’re using a boiler, you should have it serviced ahead of winter to ensure it will function without any problems. You should also get your boiler service to check for damages and faults, as well as safety checks to ensure that your boiler won’t emit any dangerous gasses. 

4. Organize Space for Your Seasonal Wear

Because the weather is getting cold and winter is getting closer, you should go ahead and set up a space for your seasonal wear. You might have stored your winter clothes or larger outwear in your garage, so it’s about time to get them out and set up some space along the entrance for easier access. 

Add some hooks for the heavy coats and a stand for umbrellas. You could add a basket next to the door for gloves, hats, and scarves. You could ensure there’s some space for you and your family members to line up their boots and organize them.

5. Declutter, and Organize Your Home

To make sure you spend your autumn cozily, declutter and organize your home. You could start by giving away unwanted furniture, appliances, clothes, and shoes to charity. Then, you could also clear out unwanted items from your kitchen cupboards while giving your house a deep clean. You could also opt to create efficient storage spaces in your garage to store objects that you rarely use during the autumn season, such as summer clothes, swimsuits, sunhats, and the like.

Final Words

When preparing your home for autumn, what you should be putting on top of your priorities is to ensure that your family will have a cozy and hassle-free experience during the season and even winter. 

The tips above note some of the most important things to consider for a cozy home during this time — keeping the house clean, preventing any problems from arising with the harsher weather conditions, and ensuring that clutter is at a minimum. 

Furthermore, it also wouldn’t hurt to spend some money to make your autumn preparations more efficient, such as investing in cleaning equipment or hiring a professional repairman. Hopefully, this becomes a helpful guide for you and your family throughout the autumn months. If you want to check out storage solutions, helpful tools, appliances, and more, you may visit Storables.com for more amazing items.

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