An Introduction to Data Structures

Data Structure

Don’t you wonder about the amount of data stored in a computer? It is astonishing how we get the information we ask for quickly and correctly from that massive amount of stored data. It is logical to think that this information has to be stored systematically to retrieve, work on, and update it when anyone asks. This systematic organization of data in different styles in the computer so that it is easy to use is called a data structure.

These data are used with the help of algorithms to get different programs in a computer. What is an algorithm? The algorithm is a set of instructions that lead to a step-by-step action required to do a computation or solve a problem. Data structure and algorithms together give you a computer program. 

Data structure and algorithms (DSA) are two significant parts of computer technology. While data structure allows you to store and retrieve data efficiently, algorithms make it feasible to use this data meaningfully. To be a good programmer and code efficiently, your knowledge of DSA has to be strong. With it, you can write efficient and reliable codes that will solve problems easily and quickly.

What are the different types of Data Structures?

There are two types of data structure

  • Linear data structure 
  • Non-linear data structure.

Linear data structure

In the linear data structure, the data are arranged in a sequence. Every element in this data is connected to its next and previous elements. In this data structure, you can move along the entire set in a single run, which is easy to implement. Arrays, stacks, queues, and lists are some examples of this kind.

Non-linear data structure

In this type of data structure, the elements do not have any particular sequence to be connected to the next element. Each may link to other parts using multiple paths. Such data structures are more challenging to implement than linear data structures. But they are very efficient and support multi-level storage of data. Some examples of non-linear data structures are trees and graphs.

DSA is an ocean, and we have just given you an introduction to it. If you are interested in getting into the field of DSA, you have many online and offline courses available that help you learn data structure and algorithms. Some of the best Data Structures Coaching Institutes In Delhi have teachers from leading IT industries. You get to work on live projects, and the practical practice helps you gain confidence as a programmer.

Check out the online courses available, research a little, and select the one you find the most suitable. Offline courses are also available in all big cities. You can look for some available near you on the internet. For example, if you want one in Pune, search for Data Structures And Algorithms Course Pune. You will get several course providers’ information. Select the most suitable one, master the art of coding and make an incredible career in DSA.

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