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Greensboro is attractive for a variety of reasons, and relocating to North Carolina may turn out to be one of your wisest choices of the year if you are contemplating it. 

Greensboro is one of the top cities in North Carolina to reside in.  There are many parks, restaurants, and other attractions in this city, and there is hardly any traffic at all. Because most people in Greensboro lease their properties, the city has a dense suburban population.

You’ll be surprised to learn that in North Carolina, there are other cities similar to Greensboro where you may enjoy living. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to make the greatest choice when relocating to live in any of these cities. 

5 best cities similar to Greensboro, NC

If you’re looking for cities similar to Greensboro where you can enjoy classic and decent living, I’ve highlighted the five best cities like Greensboro that are suitable for your lifestyle below.

1. Henderson

One of the most affordable  cities similar to Greensboro is Henderson. The variety of restaurants, parks, and shopping establishments in this city is well-known. Henderson has a cheaper cost of living than most of the state’s cities and the US. Grocery costs in Henderson are 5% higher than the state average, but healthcare costs there are 15% more expensive. With renowned attractions including Raleigh Road Outdoor Theater, Kerr Lake, Carolina Lanes, and Adventure Island, Henderson has a lot to offer. Whether you’re laid-back or daring, Henderson features attractions that are likely to pique your interest.

  1. Lexington

In North Carolina’s Davidson county sits the city of Lexington. Due to its livability and variety, this city is listed among cities similar to Greensboro. The low cost of living in this city, which includes lower than normal rents, is one of the things that makes it special for its residents. In contrast to the state median, which is around $150 less per month, North Carolina’s average monthly lease is $931. Additionally, you can enjoy trekking thanks to the area’s many hiking routes. The Appalachian Trail, which originates in Georgia and travels through North Carolina before reaching Maine, is one of North Carolina’s well-known paths.

3.  Thomasville

Thomasville is one of the most desirable cities like Greensboro, to live in due to its outstanding air quality and low crime rate. The city’s economy is experiencing employment growth, and Thomasville’s cost of living is 19.7% lower than the national average when compared to its nearby communities. Since Thomasville is well known for its contributions to the furniture industry and enjoys an average of 215 sunshine hours each year, you have plenty of time to explore the city’s rich social legacy and parks. In Thomasville, security comes first. Thomasville has less violent crime than the national rate.

4. Eden

Eden’s residents enjoy a high-quality way of life that brings peace to the area. With its outstanding sporting offerings, the city has an enviable reputation for education. The cost of living in Eden is 30.1% less than the state median. Due to the abundance of surrounding establishments, including shops, eateries, and coffee shops, this city has a high walk score, giving people a wide variety of dining alternatives. Take Freedom Garden, Burger King, or The Sirloin House for your morning coffee, and Donna’s Restaurant or Domino’s Pizza for a laid-back Sunday brunch. So, if you are thinking about moving from anywhere to Eden, NC, or any of the cities mentioned in this article, make sure to hire the services of Long Distance Movers who can handle your lifts professionally and provide you with a memorable moving experience.

5. Asheboro

With 25877 inhabitants, Asheboro is a city in the US state of North Carolina. In Asheboro, the annual cost of housing, food, childcare, transportation, medical services, taxes, and other necessities for a single adult is $36,255.

This is less than the state average of $38,433 and less than North Carolina’s yearly living expenses of $38,661. If you choose to relocate to Asheboro, you can enjoy year-round events like the Festivities of Spring in Seagrove, the Asheboro Fall Celebration, and the December Celebration of Seagrove Artists, where guests can tour the studios, interact with the artists, watch presentations, and attend unique kiln opportunities. The Collector’s Antique Center in Asheboro, which has more than 95 vendors and 35,000 square feet of area, is a great place to go if you love antique shopping.

Final Thoughts

While Greensboro is a dream city for many people due to its high standard of living in North Carolina, many other cities like Greensboro offer fantastic opportunities to live the North Carolina dream. And in this article, we have highlighted a few of them based on several factors, including the cost of living, health and fitness level, transportation, food, and outdoor activities.

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