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The 꽁머니 is an obsolete English unit of volume equal to two hogsheads or 450 to 1000 liters. It is the smallest unit of volume and is not widely used today. Its origin is unknown. However, it is still used in certain contexts such as describing the volume of a beer.


The buttocks are the fleshy protuberances at the rear of the pelvis, present in many species of quadrupeds. They are a source of amusement and fun in many cultures. As a result, they have a large number of colloquial terms.

A common metaphor for the buttocks is the moon. During the 17th century, the word moon was used to describe the buttocks. Later, the word moon also became a verb, referring to mooning a person. In the US, the term “mooning” was popularized in 1968 by university students. Buttocks can also be depicted in artwork as early as 24,000 BCE in the Paleolithic Venus of Willendorf statue. Other examples of buttock’s art can be found in Donatello’s sculpture David from 1425-1430. The buttocks also play an important role in the artist’s work in the Large Bathers, a painting that depicts the human body in motion.

Buttock lifts

Buttock lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery that reduces excess skin on the buttocks. It is often combined with liposuction and aimed at tightening the skin and deep tissue. The procedure is usually completed in two hours. After the procedure, the patient will be given medications that reduce pain and ensure a quick recovery. Patients may also receive antibiotics or anticoagulant medication. Afterward, the incision will be covered with a surgical dressing. In some cases, a temporary tube will be inserted to drain any excess fluid. Another common complication of a buttock lift is a scar. A patient may experience scarring, which can be treated with silicone sheeting, a cream, or even massage.

Buttock lift surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia. During this procedure, the surgeon will make an incision on the 꽁머니crease that runs from the hip bone to the groin. The scar is small enough to be hidden under underwear.

Pork butt

Pork butt has a high-fat content, and cooking it slowly will ensure a rich and flavorful finish. It is best to use pastured pork, as its natural fat content will give the meat better flavor and tenderness. In addition, long, slow cooking on low heat will help draw out the juices.

Located on the pig’s shoulder, the butt is typically used to make pulled pork, but it can also be roasted, ground, or sliced into steaks. It is particularly good for braising, stewing, and ground pork.

Butt wink

The Butt Wink is a type of squat that is not recommended. This posture is detrimental to the spine and the mobility of the lower body. It also decreases stability. This posture limits squat mobility and affects the body’s ability to lift heavy objects. Research conducted by Dr. Stuart McGill and his lab suggests that this posture can be harmful to the spine. You should always maintain a neutral spine position.

The Butt Wink is most often caused by tight hamstrings. This happens because hamstrings are biarticulate muscles, which means they cross two joints during the squat. This articulation doesn’t change length even with equal hip and knee flexion. This phenomenon is called Lombard’s paradox. This imbalance between the hamstring length and hip flexion causes the butt to “wink.” In addition to the hamstrings, the Butt Wink can be caused by problems with mobility, stability, and posture.

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