Decorate your blank wall with these simple and subtle ideas

Wall lights

An empty wall or a desolate wall might not really do your decor any good and bring down the vibe of your home too. And desolate corners around these walls can add too much negative space to your living space. While negative space isn’t really bad for your space, too much of it can make your space appear really bland. And that is a characteristic everybody wants to avoid for their decor.

There are multiple ways to illuminate your space with a flair and give it an amazing appearance that is simply irresistible. No matter what your preference is, you can create a wonderful decor that is gorgeously modern, contemporary, minimalist, transitional, traditional or industrial. While lighting fixtures are key to setting the ambience and the character of your space, there are many other options that can have a similar or better effect on your space.

Start by lighting up the walls

There are two ways you could go about lighting your wall. The first way is to install a primary lighting fixture that lends illumination to the blank wall in your space. It needn’t mean that the lighting design has to be too intense. Just a mellow shade of light would be perfect. Your primary lighting fixture can be a chandelier, pendant light, or ceiling light.

The second way is to install a lighting fixture directly on the blank wall to create a ravishing focal point in the space. Wall lights can lend perfect illumination to your blank and the space around it. Choose the design that resonates the most with your space.

Add a distinct artsy touch to your wall

Here too, you’d get multiple options to decorate your blank walls. The first way to jazz up your space is to add artwork or painting to the blank wall and highlight it with a picture light. This would create an effortless yet elegant focal point that will definitely make heads turn in the space. There’s absolutely no boundation on the design or the dimensions of the painting or the artwork, but make sure that it doesn’t mess with the scale of the room with its size. A good alternative to the artwork or the painting is to turn the space into a photo wall.

Another way is to paint the wall itself and let the design infuse some charm into your living space. The primary or secondary lighting fixtures will ensure that the wall isn’t ignored and that it gets enough attention from everybody who’s present there. But the best way to make the design stand out from the rest of your decor is by installing track lighting in the space.

Add a bookshelf to the wall

Books make a very good decoration element, and they can give your wall just the flavour you’ve always looked for. You can either create a large traditional bookshelf or go with floating shelves to add a minimalist touch to your space. Lighting can create a beautiful effect here, too, as you can light up the joineries or the floating shelves by using LED strip lights.

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