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In this framework, how a person사설토토사이트 travels and feels differs depending on the individual’s situation. In particular, what kind of gambling you participate in greatly impacts your journey. Below, we outline how each gambling method affects you more at each stage.

It should be kept in mind that betting and online, gaming and land-based activities have higher levels of crossover that may have promoted some of the effects outlined below. For example, people who participate in online gambling are more likely to place bets and are therefore more likely to be influenced by special good prizes and odds. There is no reason for online gambling itself.

Major difference

Special offers, good odds and direct communication 사설토토사이트play a greater role in betting and online activities. It’s also important to have experience (play, win, or simply set up an account with funds).

“Eye-catching” plays an important role in games and land-based activities (mainly scratch cards), both as external triggers and in the active search phase. It often involves spontaneous decisions, feelings of good fortune (all internal urges), the enjoyment of the activity and the feeling of good ideas (all during active exploration).

Betting and gaming tend to have conflicting internal urges. Betting is driven by the desire to revitalize another event (e.g., sports games), and games (especially online games) are more likely to be driven by the desire to kill time.

Impact on high-risk gamblers

People classified as medium-risk or problem gamblers in PGSI tend to be more affected during gameplay, both in the number of factors that affect them and the degree of their impact.

Passive influence

High-risk gamblers are more susceptible to passive influences, which they think affect their behavior. Also, a safer gambling message is more likely to be seen by high-risk gamblers at this stage.

External trigger

High-risk gamblers experience more incentives, especially special offers, direct communication, sponsorship, and receiving tips from friends.

Internal impulse

High-risk gamblers are likely driven by the desire to earn the big money, waste time, or feel lucky.

Vigorous search

For most of this stage, there is little difference in what affects the choice of all gambling consumers, regardless of their PGSI score. When setting limits high-risk gamblers tend to set limits but are less successful in keeping them.

Play experience

High-risk gamblers experience much more touchpoints than other gamblers, including information from operators, others, and special offers. On the other hand, you are less likely to see secure gambling information while gambling. This increases the likelihood that the session will end due to spending too much money.

Play result

High-risk gamblers feel bad about the amount of money they spend and tend to take action after a play session (e.g., taking a rest, setting limits, asking for help with gambling addiction).

Medium risk – problem gamblers and non-problem gamblers – low-risk gamblers significantly affect their impact.

The percentage of people affected (more) by each factor in gambling.

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