Everything You Need To Know About Goldfish Casino Games


Gold Fish slot combines colorful coral reefs with fun tropical music and five exciting features to create a fun casino game for players. Game developer WMS (now Scientific Gaming) launched classic Gold Fish slot machines before the game was added to online slot casinos and even Gold Fish casino apps. Today, Gold Fish is one of the top 10 most popular slot games 토토사이트 for players and is responsible for spawning a bevy of ocean-themed slot titles online.

How to play Goldfish slot online

The online casino slot game Goldfish features a simple layout with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 selectable paylines. This is the same layout as the Gold Fish Vegas slot machine. The game only has one bonus round and no progressive jackpot, but it more than makes up for it with free spins, multipliers and numerous instant win bonuses. This means you have the potential to win more coins in addition to winning paylines and bonus rounds.

Slot players will find that Gold Fish works like any other Las Vegas slot game. Look at the paytable to decide which paylines to bet, find bonus symbols, and more. Afterward, return to the Goldfish main page and select the number of lines you want to bet and the amount you want to bet on each pay line. Click the orange ‘Spin’ button and watch the reels fly from left to right before the reels can win.

Gold Fish slot 토토사이트 has a minimum bet of 1¢, which is typical for Las Vegas slots. The maximum bet is $3 per pay line. WMS has also added a ‘feature bet’ feature to Goldfish, allowing you to bet 10x your bet line amount. Players can bet $105 per spin on the Gold Fish slot. This amount will satisfy both low-stakes and high-stakes slot players.

Goldfish slot game theme and music

Imagine fish swimming in a giant tank and soothing steel drum music playing. This is the essence of the casino slot game Goldfish. Clownfish, Angelfish Goldfish and blue and purple tropical fish join the slot game along with coral reefs, crabs and turtles. The fish are stationary unless the player wins a pay line or bonus. The game would feel more varied if the bonus rounds were frequent. Luckily, the bonus round has fish dancing and diving across the screen to give you more animated excitement. The graphics are of poor overall quality, and the edges of the fish seem pixelated on the screen. However, this is not surprising, given the age of Gold Fish slot games.

The Gold Fish slot machine music is an upbeat and fun tropical medley of steel drums, xylophones and trumpets. This catchy jingle draws slot players in when the animation becomes repetitive.

How to win the Goldfish slot

The biggest jackpot for players who want to know how to win goldfish slots comes from landing 5 goldfish. This goldfish multiplies 10,000 times your bet and can win you up to $1,050,000. The goldfish can also act as a wild symbol and replace all other symbols except the scatter symbol. In the Gold Fish slot, this symbol is represented by a bucket of fish food.

The second largest payout on the Goldfish slot is when you land 5 fish food symbols, which pays out 2,500 times your stake. Apart from the goldfish and fish food symbols, you must land at least 3 similar symbols on a pay line to win in this slot game. You can also win the Gold Fish slot big by jumping into the bonus game.

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