How do you describe the butt of a joke?


If you’re considering having a 꽁머니procedure, you must first be in excellent health and have a clear medical history. You should also get clearance from your primary care physician. It’s also important to quit smoking and eat a balanced diet, as protein deficiency will interfere with the healing process.


Buttocks are a part of the torso, located behind the pelvis. They support the pelvis, enable leg and hip movements, and contain a lot of blood and nerves. They are surrounded by layers of fat that cushion the pelvis when sitting. Buttock pain can be caused by injury to the gluteal muscles or from pelvic or anus disease. Other possible causes include disorders of the tailbone or groin.

The buttocks are an important part of the anatomy of humans and apes. They are formed by the gluteal muscles and underlying structures and provide the rounded shape of the thigh. The buttocks have been a popular topic for literary works and comics, and are used in many cultures as a source of amusement. As such, many colloquial terms refer to the buttocks.

The butt of a lacrosse stick

A lacrosse stick’s butt is crucial to the game. It allows players to control the stick with one hand and prevents wild shots, passes, and checks. Some sticks are heavier than others, and some are designed specifically for players in particular positions. While heavier lacrosse sticks tend to offer more power, lighter sticks are easier to use and balance.

Choosing the right lacrosse stick is crucial for improving your game. The right stick can drastically change your game and the way you play. To make the best choice, you should know the parts of the stick.

The butt of a rifle

The butt of a rifle is the bottom portion of its fore-end, where the trigger hand rests while firing. The 꽁머니front, or tang, is flat, and is usually rough, with finger grooves to increase the shooter’s hold. Some models also have a thumb rest near the tang, for an ergonomic trigger finger grip.

The rifle’s action is one of its most important components, performing functions such as loading and firing the cartridge. The action is made up of three components: the bolt, hammer, and trigger assembly. The bolt is the central part of the rifle, and the hammer is the upper portion. These three parts fit together to operate the rifle and perform other functions, such as ejecting the burnt shell.

The sling assembly is attached to the rifle’s butt stock. Its strap extends upward from the sling swivel on the bottom of the buttstock and is retained by the retaining element, which is disposed of about the rifle’s stock.

The butt of a joke

The phrase “butt of a joke” is used to refer to the target of a joke. Its origin is obscure, but the phrase is used often in everyday speech and writing. Learn about the origin of the phrase, its meaning, and its various uses. The phrase is also useful for describing the target of an archery joke.

The phrase “butt of a joke” has many meanings and is often used synonymously with the phrase “bud of a joke.” Although the two words have similar meanings, they have different uses in different contexts. The butt of a joke is often used in contexts related to fun, while the bud of a joke is more commonly used in cases relating to the victim of a joke.


A butt is an informal term for the large end of an object. It may also be used to refer to a broken piece or the rear end. This usage dates back to the late 18th century. The word butt is related to several Germanic roots, including Middle Dutch bot and Low German butt.

Butt-endings are usually preceded by verbal altercations, and in some cases, can lead to the use of a stick to jab an opponent. For example, David Leg wand was disciplined by the NHL after butt-ending Evgeni Malkin in a 2014 match.

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