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First impression is a lasting impression, and it is equally important for any web design company to consider this element in the areas of website development.

No matter how hard you work to create a simple layout incorporating effective navigation and succinct product description, your efforts will go to waste if the users don’t like the images on your website.

Images and graphics have always been an important factor in visual storytelling, making it necessary for you to optimise the images you choose for your website. Also, nowadays, the audience is much more informed than you realise; they can easily notice if you are reusing a popular stock image, especially unrelated and of poor quality.

Hence, it is essential for any web design agency to make the homepage appealing and interesting through images before moving onto the site’s primary functions and performance.

For this, the companies must communicate well with the web designer in Sydney to convey ideas about what the images should look like and what objectives they should perform. It would determine the quality of the main image, defining the ease with which the companies can interact with their clients.

Continue reading to learn 5 helpful tips that various web design companies use for selecting the best images for any website development project:

1.    Use Relevant Images:

To begin with, you can concentrate on inserting an attractive and straightforward image that best expresses the core of your organisation and what it does in a matter of seconds to the users, thus, leading to an honest first impression.

If you are not planning to make a design from scratch and instead want to use something that you found on the web, ensure that it goes with the company’s objectives and personality.

Also, a large number of authors utilise these images to diversify their material with visual aspects to boost impressions. Hence, many users are already exposed to images from free stock regularly..

Thus, you should hire a professional web design company that can create the most appropriate images from scratch or plan a new photoshoot to get a one-of-a-kind shot.

2.    Pay Attention to Details:

There are times when you must avoid fitting everything you want in your layout and instead try to concentrate on what can catch the visitor’s attention.

You can go for a simple look that extensively displays vibrant and eye-catching images of your latest products on your website’s homepage.

So, there is no need to employ unnecessary details in the images or graphics, and you must only focus on essential products and services that can help the users easily look for what they want.

3.    Use HighQuality Images:

You need to ensure that every feature, including your website’s primary image, is of the highest quality. If you choose an unclear, imprecise or photoshopped image, the user might find you inexperienced and unfit for your services.

The best images have high resolution and large pixels and are designed   to look amazing on both desktop and mobile devices.

Hence, you must consider hiring a qualified web design company who would have the required knowledge and expertise of using the highest quality images to ensure that you stand out amongst your competitors and make your brand look as refreshing and original as possible.

4.    Effective Call to Action:

Sometimes, the companies not only plan to create a homepage to introduce themselves but also to bring immediate attention to a product or a service.  It could be accomplished by using a hero image as an attractive background for a call-to-action on the main page.

For this, your agency must prioritise creating a button that directs the user to purchase a product or a service. Ensure that the image used isn’t too bright, as this might hinder the user from seeing the button or reading the associated information. Also, the background should be lighter and more contrasted than the action button.

5.    Ensure that the Images are SEO-friendly:

Whether you have a journal, an online store or just a regular website, you must consider investing your time in optimising and improving the quality of each image you upload.

To begin with, ensure the photographs are in good shape, and the file image is named appropriately, enabling them to be easily indexed by the search engines.

Be consistent while naming the files and avoid using punctuations or spaces. It is also advisable to use hyphens instead of an underscore in the name. Also, don’t skip the alt text once you have set the image file appropriately, which might add up to your SEO value.

Overall, the main image on your website is a crucial aspect that the visitors admire before they even access your website. It can have a favourable or a negative impact on a company or a brand’s reputation.

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