How to crack SSC CGL Exam 2023?

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Even the best SSC coaching in the country says that the formula to pass the SSC CGL Exam is complex. Every aspirant has identical study material; all have access to the same SSC CGL free mock test series, and everyone is equally committed to cracking it. Lakhs of candidates appear for the SSC CGL Exam every year, but only a few hundred or thousands get selected. Do you know what separates one aspirant who succeeds from another when they receive the correct instruction from professors, mentors, and books? How is it that someone who studies for more than 15 hours a day cannot take the main exams, but someone who works for 8 hours does so successfully? 

According to experts, the difference is negligibly tiny and is comparable to the difference between a regular individual and an outstanding one. Some strategies for utilising that distinction in the SSC competitive exam are covered below. A candidate for the SSC CGL should incorporate three mantras to succeed.

Make Up Your Study Plan

In today’s competitive world, you will need more than hard work to get you far. Working smart and challenging simultaneously is what’s required right now. The SSC CGL Exam also follows the same logic. It is optional to track how many hours a subject was studied. It involves understanding:

  • What books to read?
  • What not to emphasise?
  • How much of it is needed to study?
  • How to apply what you’ve learned to provide accurate, exact answers?

Therefore, having a clear understanding of the subjects that need to be learned should be the first motto. Asking a mentor or former SSC CGL top performer for a technique and then modifying it to fit oneself would be the optimal approach. The mistake that most students commit is mindlessly adopting another person’s strategy. SSC wants originality and innovation; thus, the strategy should reflect that.

Firm Understanding of the Syllabus

Knowing the SSC exam syllabus inside and out is the second pro tip for success. Understanding the outline requires paying close attention to every subject that might be questioned in the exam. Also, remember to note any new topics or problems that have been added to the curriculum. 20% of the work is devoted to learning the entire syllabus for the SSC Exam. Checking out the whole syllabus helps you understand the topics you need to cover and what needs to be excluded from your study plan. Additionally, this will help you create an appropriate study plan. 

Take ample mock tests

The next crucial piece of advice for all SSC aspirants is to practise as many mock tests and previous year question papers as possible. Mock tests are designed similarly to the actual SSC CGL Exam, based on the same exam pattern and syllabus, to help candidates get an idea of the type of questions they might encounter in the exam and the environment and pressure they would have to deal with. 

Taking ample mock tests is advisable because it helps aspirants acquaint themselves with the exam pattern and build an appropriate time management strategy to help them secure good marks. Besides this, taking SSC CGL free mock test can help students in multiple ways:

  • Help analyse performance
  • Help track progress
  • Find out strengths and weaknesses
  • Help practice similar types of questions in the same environment
  • Get a clear understanding of the exam pattern


Many more strategies can be incorporated while preparing for the SSC CGL Exam. But as you said, you need to find out which methods will work best for you and apply accordingly. So work on your strategies and abilities and gear for the upcoming SSC CGL examination. Best of luck!

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