Hunter Manga is Coming Back After Four Years


Four years! It’s been four long years since the latest installment of the Hunter x Hunter manga hit the shelves in November of 2018. Since the time the readers are waiting for updates about the publication of the next chapter of the comic. Finally, the waiting has come to an end. This Hunter x Hunter MangaForFree is scheduled to return in a few weeks. Here’s all you should be aware of!

Manga is what?

In essence, manga is Japanese comics (in contrast to anime which is Japanese animations). Like anime, manga is characterized by a distinct style of drawing Similar to Western comics, the manga could be about everything from historical, fantasy, or even superheroes. Although manga does have an extremely distinctive style to it, it’s not actually a genre in the same way as it’s a format. As there are plenty of different comics genres and manga, there are as numerous manga genres.

Hunter Manga Weekly Shonen Jump

As you may know that most mangas are published in weekly chapters of popular magazines from Japan. The case of Hunter the X Hunter is no exception. Prior to the break, it was published in Shonen Jump each week. The magazine that publishes other popular titles, such as Jujutsu Kiasen and Chainsaw Man

Hunter Manga New Volume

The final section of Hunter x Hunter (chapter 390) was published on November 26, 2018. Then, the author Yoshihiro Togashi took a long-term absence due to health issues. Now Shohin Jump has made an announcement on the news on Twitter it will be returning to the pages with “Weekly Shonen Jump” There is no. 47. The latest chapter in Hunter x Hunter manga is out. Hunter x Hunter manga is due to be released on the 24th of October 2022 The manga will be updated with each chapter being released on Monday.

Hunter Kurapika first chapters

The next episode in Hunter x Hunter will continue the Succession Arc of the KunManga featuring ” Kurapika” as the main character. He’s on a quest to get one of the Scarlet Eyes that belong to his family. We recommend that you go through the first chapters before you begin the new ones to get familiar with the plot and be aware of any spoilers or confusion.


As per the artist, Hanshu Sanjin in his 1812 preface to Volume One The illustrations of the first book were drawn during the time that Hokusai visited Gekkotei Bokusen in Western Provinces and was inspired to create 300 sketches that reflected his own personal philosophy of art. It was Bokusen (who then became a pupil of Hokusai’s) who initially suggested to the legendary publisher Eirakuya Toshiro the idea of making the drawings into the form of a book. At the very minimum, we are aware that Bokusen continued to participate in the production

What are some of the best manga?

As I said there are plenty of fantastic titles to choose from, but here are some that will help you get started: Barefoot Gen is a collection that begins with the story of the attack on Hiroshima. It is, of course, quite weighty, and the story can be somewhat violent-especially following the bombing. But, Barefoot Gen is extremely powerful. If you loved Maus the comic book Maus and would like to know more, you should check out Barefoot Generation. Hellsing is an in-depth manga series that focuses on vampires. The story is about an organization known as”Hellsing,” as you can guess, The Hellsing Organization, that basically combats supernatural enemies and occultists. The story is very violent and if you’re interested in comics such as Wytches or the 30 Days of Night series it could be perfect for you.

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