In a memo, EVP and CPO Panos Panay says Microsoft is moving Surface Duo OS, SwiftKey, Phone Link, and Microsoft Launcher under a new dedicated Android division (Zac Bowden/Windows Central)

memo evp phone link launcher androidbowden

Finally, I hear CVP Michael Fortin is retiring, with his role being split up between several different leads in the Windows + Devices org. I also hear that there will be no layoffs as a result of the reorg. Overall, this reorg looks to be positioning Microsoft to better serve its products and experiences on Android in addition to enhancing the integration between Android smartphones and Windows PCs.

Just recently, Microsoft announced that it was rebranding the Your Phone app as “Phone Link” and expanded support for the “Apps” feature to Honor smartphones, which was previously exclusive to Samsung and Surface Duo devices. I’ll be interested to see just how closely Microsoft can tie Android and Windows devices together in the future.

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