Interior Design Ideas for a 5-Room BTO Home

5-Room BTO

In Singapore, there are numerous varieties of BTOs. A young couple or large family will choose a 5-room BTO because it offers more space at an affordable price. This can also make it possible for a multigenerational family to reside comfortably under one roof, whether it is a BTO renovation or a resale renovation.

If you own a 5-room BTO and are interested in 5-room resale renovation ideas or 5-room BTO renovation costs for your property, this article may be your finest resource.

How Big is a 5-Room BTO Home?

A 5-room BTO flat is sufficient for four to five family members, so it will typically appear spacious. A 5-room BTO design is approximately 110 square feet. It offers numerous bedrooms, one of which has an attached restroom, a living or dining area, a kitchen, a service area and a storage space.

Now that you are aware of the size of a 5-room BTO home, how much will you invest in renovating the 5-room BTO?

Considering its dimensions, a 5-room BTO unit is the most expensive HDB model to purchase and renovate. Renovations to a brand-new 5-room BTO property may cost around $52,000. Even so, don’t hesitate to hire a professional designer to transform your old HDB 5-room renovation design into the new one.

5-Room BTO Interior Design Ideas

To have spectacular and fashionable 5-room resale renovation ideas, you must consider not only your 5-room BTO but also your entire HDB. There are numerous interior design concepts to bear in mind.

Colour is utilised to illuminate and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home’s interior. This is a possibility for your interior design. If you choose the correct colour for your kitchen cabinet, for instance, it will affect the appearance of your kitchen.

Aside from that, a colour scheme inspired by a garden creates a cheerful and welcoming environment for the proprietors and their visitors. The patterned carpet also provides an excellent textural contrast without deviating too much from the colour scheme.

In addition to illuminating and optimising your space, multifunctional furniture will also help to revitalise it. This can also increase your productivity. For instance, using a platform bed in your bedroom is an amazing way to make it very organised. Sliding doors are a fantastic optional feature, as well as a practical one because they occupy less space than swinging doors.

Using glass surfaces in your HDB 5-room living room design can enhance the space by allowing light to pass through and making the room appear larger.

The wooden flooring in your HDB 5-room living room design adds texture and keeps the room warm. In addition, it can use gentler colours, such as various hues of white, to create a pleasant, warm environment that is conducive to relaxation.

If you intend to hire an interior designer, ensure that the professional has excellent 5-room HDB layout ideas. For instance, interior designers can provide you with strategy, optional design plans, budgets, 3D visualisation, and animation.

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