Key Tips for Writing and Sending a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

timeshare cancellation letter

While it’s generally accepted that a written timeshare cancellation letter is the best way to end a relationship, there are also times when oral rescission is acceptable. In these cases, it’s best to follow a few basic tips and guidelines when drafting and sending a timeshare cancellation letter. In addition, taking advantage of free public computer facilities and resort cafes can help write the letter.

Why Cancel Timeshare Contract?

It’s not unusual for a vacation to peak in timeshare ownership – fastening in an annual vacation at a great destination. However, while returning home, some fresh owners find themselves cold as the truth of annual maintenance sinks in. If this relates to the reader’s situation, they will need to get their cancellation request in written form and sent to their respective resort quickly.

Top 4 Tips to Write and Send a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

It is usually seen that people tend to cancel their timeshare purchase soon after they buy it and file Complaints on Timeshare Freedom to exit their timeshare. This article covers the top 4 tips that owners can use to write and send a timeshare cancellation letter.

Know Your Rescission Deadline

After signing the contract, the owner is given a brief time window to reconsider their purchase. Also called the rescission or cooling off period is a determined number of days that varies by state-to-state, where the owner can cancel his purchase and receive a 100% refund.

An average rescission deadline is between 3 to 7 days, but it is best to perform personal research. In a few states, timeshare owners may have a week to get their documents in order. In other states, the deadline may be limited to three days only. Additionally, some states spear Sundays and national holidays in their deadline window, while other resorts count all calendar days.

Write Your Timeshare Cancellation Letter

This section includes a helpful resource with all your requirements to know about the timeshare cancellation. When writing a timeshare cancellation letter, note that it does not have to be excessively elaborate as it has to be very clear, precise, and thorough. The crucial details may differ with the brand, but these common elements are very important to include:

  • Your name and complete contact information
  • Your timeshare company’s name
  • The contract number
  • All the names on your timeshare contract
  • The date of purchase
  • A statement of cancellation
  • The amount you paid

Confirm Your Timeshare Cancellation Has Been Received

It’s a thing to write and send the timeshare cancellation letter. However, it is equally crucial to ensure that it has been received! Your contract will draft how to write and send your cancellation letter. You must follow the instructions or risk your recession letter being eliminated as invalid. With such a rescission period, there is no room for error.

Remember to make copies of all the documents, from your contract to the cancellation letter to all faxes. Certain states demand a receipt not a minute after 23:59 Hours on deadline day. So, ensure that everything is properly dated and with enough time for letter delivery by your deadline (Note: Request for a return receipt!).

Beyond Rescission

Suppose it is late to send the cancellation letter, don’t worry. You can still pursue the cancellation process; hire a professional. A timeshare cancellation attorney can help you walk out of the process, or – if you are all caught up with the fees and payments – your resort may also agree to purchase back the timeshare. We have put together some helpful information on the in and out details of timeshare cancellation.

Wrapping Up

If someone wants to write and send a timeshare cancellation letter and exit their timeshare contract, the tips mentioned earlier will surely help them. This article covers the four effective tips for writing and sending a timeshare cancellation letter. Follow these tips and write an effective letter.

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