Maximize your Use of iPhone with these Tricks

Maximize your Use of iPhone

Want to change the way you use your iPhone? Here’s an exhaustive list of ways to use your phone faster and conveniently. Knowing these tricks will make it easier for you to quickly send an email or speed up mundane tasks like clearing old photos and messages. Let’s take a look.

Download Text Messages

Conversations are living documents, and there might be instances when iMessage and the iCloud server fail to sync and save your important chats. Also, using multiple devices can be a nightmare if you still look for messages across your Apple devices.

Rather than losing your most important messages, you can learn how to download text from your iPhone. First, you can use AnyTrans to transfer messages from your iPhone to a computer. Then, you can download and save your texts for future reference.

Scroll to the Top with a Single Tap

If you are scrolling down a webpage and wish to return to the top, you can tap the top center of the screen next to the front-facing camera. The tap will pull you back to the top. You can do this on webpages; the feature also works everywhere on your phone, including setting screens and apps.

There’s no need to furiously flip-scrolling to get to the top. Instead, users can touch the top of the screen. You can use this with your email or Instagram app.

Hide Photos from Peeping Toms

Within the Photos application, you can hide sensitive pictures from appearing in your general photo library. It will keep these pictures from being seen whenever you open that application. You can hide a photo by tapping on one and then the share icon. Next, scroll down and tap Hide.

The photos you have hidden are found in Albums, and you can see them by tapping the Hidden folder. If you don’t want the Hidden folder to appear, you can hide it by going to Settings and disabling it within the Photos section.

If you are using iOS 16, the Recently Deleted and Hidden photo albums will prompt for the passcode to view the content. Therefore, your sensitive photos will remain hidden and out of sight.

Remove Applications from the Home Screen Without Deleting them

Do you love trying new applications? It can be fun to install different apps and see what they can do. However, your screen will be filled with dozens of apps you don’t need, or the screen will feel cluttered.

You don’t need to delete them, but you can long-press on an application and choose Remove App. The dialog box will show you the options of Delete App or Remove from Home Screen. Choose the latter option to remove the app icon from the home screen without deleting the app. So, the app will appear in the App Library, and you can use it when required.

No Need to Type your Full Email Address

iPhones allow random characters to transform into something meaningful when you type. For enabling this, head to Settings > tap General > tap Keyboard > tap Text Replacement. Then you can add whatever suits you. For instance, you can use eml to expand your email address or create a text replacement for your home address.

However, it would be best to remember to use uncommon letters to trigger text replacements. If you use common terms, your device will get confused, and the feature may not work as well as you had hoped. For example, if you use email to expand your email address, it might show you different email apps instead of your email address when you type the word.

Furthermore, text replacements sync across iCloud. So, if you are using an iPad or Mac, text replacements will be available there too.

Change the Default Email App and Web Browser

Is your phone running the latest iOS version? If so, you can make Chrome, Google, or Firefox your default browser instead of Safari. You can even change your default email. You don’t have to open Apple Mail to write your emails or block emails. Instead, you can choose apps like Gmail or Outlook as your default.

Pin Messages so They Don’t Get Lost

Messages often get lost in group messaging, and finding an important message can be challenging. So, within Messages, you can tap and hold on to an individual or group message. As you do this, a few options, such as Pin, will pop up. Choose that option, and that message thread will get stuck on the top, above all new and incoming messages. This will make it easier for everyone to understand the important message, and you don’t have to spend precious hours looking for it.

The Bottom Line

These iPhone tricks will help you get the most out of your phone. Use them!

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