Metaverse Games: How to Invest? Top 5 Games for Beginners


Gaming is one of the main arenas for leveraging investments in the Metaverse. This new cutting-edge technology combines virtual and augmented reality to create a virtually simulated environment. Participants in the Metaverse can converse with each other while playing online games. Moreover, they can play and invest in the metaverse using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Video games are central to the growth and expansion of the Metaverse world, and many gaming platforms are positioning themselves to influence the Metaverse business space in this regard. 

Characteristics of Metaverse Games

Metaverse games use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a “play-to-win” model. Here are some of the characteristics of these games:


The Metaverse world is a decentralized digital space that embraces AR/VR, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other disruptive technologies.


Online Metaverse players can create personalized digital avatars. Customization is done through in-game add-ons, which players can purchase as NFTs.


Players can earn money by playing the game in the form of rewards. The platform uses NFTs to determine asset ownership and transfer value.


The metaverse world aims to integrate different user experiences by combining the physical and digital worlds into a single environment. The multiplayer world continues even when the player removes the headset.

Investing in the Metaverse through NFT

Against this backdrop, growth values hit hard in 2022. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for how to invest in the Metaverse stocks, such as Roblox, at a low entry price. For example, when the Tamadoge game is launched, it will be possible to monetize NFT virtual pets at affordable prices. In addition, can purchase in-game items in the Decentraland-Metaverse world cheaply through the NFT trading platform. In short, Metaverse projects such as Decentraland and Sandbox allow investors to purchase virtual properties.

Other e-wallet options include Exodus, Trust Wallet, CoinBaset, and Enjin. Of course, it depends on the multiverse you choose and the country you live in. However, several publicly traded companies have already made the leap into the Metaverse. You can invest in shares of these companies to indirectly enter the Metaverse. Most of the objects in the Metaverse are symbolized by NFTs, including the terrains and props your avatar uses.

The Best Games in the Metaverse

This article contains an analysis of some of the upcoming Metaverse games, as well as the existing ones:

1. Tamadoge

Tamadoge tops our list as it is in the early stages of its roadmap and could be a lucrative investment opportunity for those who buy its native NFT or TAMA token. In the upcoming “Tamaverse” game, players compete against virtual pets symbolized by NFT tokens and presented as a 3D model. In this cryptocurrency game, players can win TAMAs and move up the leaderboard.

The full version of the Tamadoge fighting app and its mini-games will release in the coming weeks. It is one of the most discussed and anticipated Metaverse projects this year.

Although Tamadoge is a newcomer to the market, its NFTs have recently been among the most popular collections on OpenSea.

2. Decentraland

Decentraland is a game based on the Metaverse virtual world concept developed on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

You can buy many things in the game, such as virtual plots of land aptly named “LAND.” When you buy this land, you receive LAND as an ERC-721 token, commonly known as a non-fungible token (NFT). The non-fungible nature of LAND means that no one else can make a copy of it, including the creators of Decentraland, so you are the sole owner. However, to buy LAND on Decentraland, you must use the game’s official cryptocurrency, MANA.

Users can take part in this game and earn money in different ways. For example, you can buy land and advertise on it. You can also build structures, such as stadiums, where people hold events, or you can wait for the value of the land to increase and sell it for a profit.

3. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is another well-known Metaverse game based on the Ethereum blockchain. It owes its popularity to celebrities like Snoop Dogg, who have successfully organized events and own NFT collections in this game. 

Sandbox is very similar to Decentraland in that it offers a blockchain-based virtual world where players can buy digital real estate and other items and sell or rent them for profit. In the test arena, you can buy space, organize events, and trade with many NFTs, allowing you to earn money while playing. The in-game token is SAND, which you can use to make transactions during the game.

4. Axie Infinity

Probably the most popular game in Metaverse at the moment is Axie Infinity.

In Axie Infinity, based on Ethereum, players buy, raise and fight “monsters” called “Axies,” the main characters in the game. The process also involves the following:

  • Collecting many types of Axies.
  • Fighting other Axies.
  • Even building a kingdom to live in.

The game is based on Metaverse cryptocurrencies, SLP, and AXS, in-game tokens that can convert into other cryptocurrencies. These tokens can be used to trade and earn in the game by buying new Axies, participating in battles or quests, etc. 

5. Illuvium

Illuvium is a massive online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Players explore an open fantasy world after landing on the alien world Illuvium. You play as an explorer, complete quests, fight monsters and other players, and capture, train, and recruit Illuvians – the native inhabitants of Illuvium – into your army.

All these aspects of the game allow you to earn ILVs, the game’s token and use the funds you earn in the Illuvium ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts

As the universe moves deeper into digital space, the Metaverse has already become a space for digital games and more. The world of metaverse gaming is booming, and big brands and tech giants are beginning to realize the investment potential of this platform.

With the growing ecosphere, the platform stands to attract more investors worldwide, especially those interested in the NFT space. 

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