New Rules on Online Casino and Sports Betting


For a long time, governments worldwide have been looking for an agreement between all federal states to establish an entirely new gambling law. In addition to protecting players, the primary goal should also be eliminating legal grey zones. Of course, Father State also wants to take a share of the largest market of players in Europe. Many billions of euros go to the Treasury through illegal deals. Of the industry’s 14 billion dollars in revenue, around one-fifth is paid for by illegal casinos. Germany is among the most lucrative markets within the gambling community in Europe.

The Gambling State Treaty

Beginning in mid-2021, the updated guidelines in place for online casinos and betting companies on sports will be in force. With the so-called gambling state contract, casinos online are now legal. Today, online casinos get the licenses they need from Europe and overseas. Particularly the permit is deemed as severe by The Maltese Gaming메이저사이트 Authority. Support for the gaming agency in Curacao is often sought out.

From January 2020, the Tagesschau offered detailed information about the success of negotiations with diverse Federal states. Fortunately, critical decision-making could be made before it was time to resolve the Corona crisis. After years of struggle over a new law, it was finally implemented.

Where can I find legally-licensed online casino sites?

The Internet is awash with advertisements and offers from brand-new internet-based casinos. Finding the right casino, in this case, is an overwhelming task for novices. Websites that provide reviews and test reports of legitimate and trustworthy online casinos address this concern. Bonus programs, the availability of games, and the legal requirements of casinos are provided. Alongside the table and slots, certain casinos will also offer sports betting shortly. This will be possible following the new law that came into effect in 2012. Visit play88 casino if you want to find an internet-based메이저사이트 casino that conforms to the requirements.

Player Protection

Online casinos or sports betting providers must create a customer account for each player to legalize them. This data is monitored by the state control authority to detect conspicuous or gambling-addiction-vulnerable players at an early stage. With a monthly deposit limit of 1,000 euros, gamblers can also be protected from the trap of addiction to gambling. But, those with the right amount of money could be slightly irritated by this policy. Denmark has dealt with this issue differently. In Denmark, players decide what to go to in their daily limit. This information is centrally backed up and available to all casinos that are registered online.

The casino’s control

A new state-controlled authority is being set in place. This will have access to the game’s sequences as well as the procedures of the online operators. A lock file is required to keep track of all the processes, including deposits, withdrawals, and winnings. If suspicion is raised, the authorities may request access to the”lock” file of casinos. False gameplay and fraud that are a burden to players must be uncovered swiftly, and the game’s black sheep scene must be discovered.

How do casino operators react?

The general operators of online casinos, sports betting firms, and representatives for Lotto are all in tune. They hope the new rules will help reduce the number of illegal operators. They’re currently hard to fight back against and often fraudulent for gamblers. A standard quality seal for licensed operators that are reputable and trustworthy could give the market an extra boost. Schleswig-Holstein is the only state in the federal system which grants gambling licenses.

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