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While playgrounds are a great place for children to play and be active, accidents do be. To help insure our play areas are safe surroundings for children, the National Program for 안전놀이터( NPPS) has created a frame for parents, caregivers and other lawyers of playground safety.

It’s called the SAFE frame and it stands for( S) Supervision,( A) Applicable surroundings,( F) Fall Surfacing and( E) outfit conservation. 


The firstand most important rule for safety on the playground is supervision. This is particularly important on playgrounds intended for a wider age range, for illustration, 2- 12. youngish children who do yet understand how to duly use the playground outfit bear adult supervision and guidance to use outfit as intended. Aged children that test their limits and use playground outfit in dangerous ways need to be diverted to insure safety for children of all periods and capacities. 

Applicable surroundings 

Playground safety is dependent on the felicitousness of the terrain for the child’s experimental position. Check that playground outfit is applicable for the age of the children who are using it. Environmental factors impacting safety, similar as the temperature of the outfit, must also be taken into consideration. Slides and other shells can get extremely hot to the touch, particularly between 10AM and 2PM, when sun exposure is at its peak. Overexposure to the sun can also be dangerous for children. It’s important to seek 안전놀이터 that have shade structures or natural shade in place to avoid overexposure and overheating of outfit. 

Fall Surfacing 

A significantly lower quantum of head injuries do when defensive, shock- absorbing surfacing is placed around and under playground outfit versus plain, hard surfacing. To insure safety and compliance with safety norms, the critical height standing of the surfacing must be lesser than or equal to the fall height of the altitudinous playground structure. The CPSC recommends the following surfacing for playgrounds 

  • Rubber mats, 
  • Penstocks 
  • Energy absorbing surfacing 
  • Engineered wood fiber 
  • Rubber mulch products 
  • Landscaping type accoutrements ( tested to standard). 

 Surfacing requires frequent conservation to maintain safe depths for impact. This is particularly true with loose filler accoutrements , like wood chips and mulch, which are more fluently displaced over time. 

outfit conservation 

 outfit hazards related to assembly, design and breakage are one of the most common causes of injury on the playground. According to the CPSC Handbook for Public Playground Safety, playground outfit should be audited for 

  • inordinate wear and tear, 
  • Deterioration, and 
  • Any implicit hazards 

  on a regular base, in agreement with a comprehensive conservation program. Playgrounds that are used more constantly call for further frequent examinations and conservation. The installation of shade structures has been shown to reduce the wear and tear and gash of playground outfit from sun exposure overtime. 

 The easiest, most effective way to insure your outfit and surfacing are in good, safe condition is with a professional playground safety examination. Pro Playgrounds ’ safety examination services examine every part of your playground, down to the last nut and bolt, furnishing you with a detailed report of any scarcities and a plan of action to cure them. 

  The SAFE frame designedfor playground safety is manufacture to reduce injury on the playground. By following the frame – furnishing supervision, applicable surroundings, fall surfacing and outfit conservation – we can help insure our premises , seminaries, churches and recreational areas are furnishing a safe place for kiddies to play. 

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