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Poker is a top-rated and exciting casino game. A reason for the popularity and untiring entertainment is that you can play the game in countless variations, which you can also combine in different ways. So, you can play poker for a very long time without getting tired of the game.

As a new player, however, you may need to learn the basics or get access to a guide before getting started. For instance, an Ignition Poker guide for new players is available for new players who sign up with the Ignition Poker platform, and it can be helpful in getting a grasp of the game quickly.

Although poker has many variants, many would expect them to be a recycle of the good old poker with a few modifications here and there. However, this is not the case, as each of these variants offers players something different. This post aims to highlight the different poker variants you can enjoy online. Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Texas Hold ’em

You’ll hardly find an online poker platform or casino that offers card games that won’t feature Texas Hold ’em. Many players who have played the poker game for a very long time are already used to playing this variant and know it best. Texas Hold ’em is amazingly easy to learn, possibly another reason for its popularity.

Suppose you’re new to poker; this game can be the best place to start. Each player is dealt two hidden cards, and five more are dealt as community cards. As each community card is being revealed, your goal is to either have or be able to convince your opponents that you have the best five-card poker hand. Texas Hold ’em has four betting rounds; pre-flop, the flop, the turn, and the river. Each betting round will give you a chance to either bet or fold.

  1. Omaha

Omaha is another poker variant that is quite similar to Texas Hold ’em. This variant is officially known as the Omaha Hold ’em, but most players call it Omaha High or Omaha, for short. Omaha has the same betting pattern and style of play as Texas Hold ’em; however, there are also some differences. Rather than the two hidden cards players get in Texas Hold ’em, they receive four in Omaha.

In addition, players can only use two cards from their hands alongside the three community cards. Due to this rule, your hand playing pre-flop may drastically change when it’s time for the flop, turn, or river. These changes can also affect your playing strategies since cards are less valuable in Omaha than in Texas Hold ’em. For instance, a pair of Queens or Jacks can be a worthy hand in Texas Hold ’em, but it’s not as valuable in Omaha.

  1. Seven-card Stud

Before the Texas Hold ’em variant became popular, the seven-card stud variant was king. It has been around since the Civil War and was particularly popular with the US military. Each player starts with seven cards in the seven-card stud game, which explains its name. However, since a standard deck contains only 52 cards, only eight players maximum can play at a time.

The game also has no flops or community cards. Instead, it starts with one card face-up and two face-downs, also known as the door card and the hole cards. After a player receives their seven cards, the onus is on them to decide on their best 5-card combination. Here, gamblers with the least face-up card automatically play the bring-in bet. After the last betting round, everyone will reveal their hands.

  1. Five-card Draw

The five-card draw is another popular online poker variant. It’s typically more popular in home games and online card rooms than in land-based poker rooms. This variant is straightforward and perfect for people new to poker. Five-card draw is more about the card you’re dealt with but also has a little room for strategy. The goal of the game is to make the best five-card hand.

For the game to have enough cards for partaking players to draw, it must have not more than six players. After each player is dealt five cards, bets are placed. Then, an exchange of up to three cards before moving to the next round. After the final round, the player with the best hand wins.

  1. High Low Chicago 

High Low Chicago follows the pattern of the Seven-card stud. Therefore, this variant is also about the highest and lowest hand. Everyone at the table begins with one of their cards face up. The rule is that the player with the least face-up card must start the game. After bets are placed, players can then call, raise or fold.

This poker variant can also have two winners splitting the pot. One player with the highest or lowest half of the pot, and the other half goes to the player with the best hand. A player can walk away with the whole pot if they win both.


Poker is an exciting game, no doubt. You can’t be tired of playing the game with its numerous variants. We’ve examined just five of its nearly endless variants, and as you can see, all are unique in their particular way. All you need is decent low cost internet connection

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