Six easy sports betting tips for beginners

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So, are you a big sports fan? You might have heard of sports betting, a way to earn money while also watching your favorite sport. As a beginner, you might find trouble learning the techniques and strategies. Don’t worry! Before you start losing hope, here are some of the best sports betting tips you can take into account:

  1. Try to diversify your bets other than your favorite teams

What we mean by this is instead of always betting on your favorite sports team, consider other teams instead (yes, even if it’s your favorite team’s main competitor!).Besides, the main objective would be to win a bet right? That means even if your favorite team doesn’t stand a chance of winning, you still should only place bets on the team that has a high chance of winning.

If you still wish to bet on your favorite team, you can still do so but perhaps in another bankroll. Let’s be real here – when it comes to our favorite team, we can be a little biased. So despite being a huge fan of your team, you should also consider how it can make you lose money overtime. To some people, they ultimately just stop betting on their favorite teams to prevent any bias.

  1. Understand how sports betting works

This is a pretty obvious tip! If you aren’t sure how do people make money with sports betting, what are the chances you’ll win any sports bet? Sports betting, in a nutshell, works by a bookie taking about $220 and bet on Team A for $200. Another wager takes $220 and bet on Team B to win for $200. The sportsbook will pay $200 if Team A wins the game. Thus, they’ll receive $20 profit for the game.

  1. Place small bets first

While you’re still in the early stages of learning how to win at sports betting, it’s best to not place a high bet. You’re still figuring out your winning strategy so you might lose most of your money at the end of the day.

Once you decide to take part in sports betting, you should decide the amount you wish to use and refrain from using that money for other reasons. Try playing around with small bets such as making $10 bets. Essentially, you should never go more than $25 at the start.

  1. Learn about the main positions in the sport

Some sports games have positions that are considered important. If you understand what are the key positions in each sport game, you can roughly know which team has the higher chance of winning. This is because as you know the important positions, you’ll know the players as well. So if the players are good in those positions, you can roughly expect the team to win the game.

For example, in rugby, the most important position would be the quarterback. In baseball games, the most important positions would be the starting pitchers. However, for sports such as hockey, soccer and basketball, the positions don’t really count because the players who are good will naturally take control of the game (rather than their positions).

  1. Place your bets on a reliable online casino

The right online casino makes a difference in your sports betting journey. Some online casinos might not give you the winning bets. Look for the ones that are properly licensed to prevent any potential losses. A good, trustworthy online casino would be platforms such as Winbox which owns a legit licensing by PAGCOR.

  1. Consider all types of sports

Instead of just placing your bets on your favorite sports, why not consider other types of sports as well? The common type of sports would be tennis, soccer, rugby, baseball, to name a few. The ones that are not so popular would be horse racing, track and field, esports, to name a few. Your chances of winning those bets are higher since it’s not a popular sport.


Now that you know some of the tips for sports betting as a beginner, you should be well-prepared to start winning some cash! Just make sure to do your own research so that you know which team or sport is worth betting on. You don’t wish to just throw away your money mindlessly on the ones that nobody is even betting on, right?

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