Small Bathroom Décor Tips That Work for Any Style

Small Bathroom Décor

Space constraints have been a big issue faced by homeowners and UK residents are not an exception. As per the Royal Institute of British Architects, many residents surveyed stated they were dissatisfied with the lack of space. 

The situation is worse still when you consider the bathroom space. Other than the master bath, any additional baths are too minimal making decorating a daunting task. 

Luckily, there are some space-saving tips that our bathroom experts have compiled that will make even the tiniest space look comfortable and attractive.

Wall-Mounted Storage

Mounting the vanity unit on the wall will leave space on the floor. This method has multiple benefits. It helps in the proper storage of items clearing the clutter. The space will also appear bigger and less cramped. Make sure the unit you choose has sufficient storage area for your toiletries, towels, and more. You can have the basin fixed on the unit saving more space. 

Use a Concealed Shower

A good space-saving idea for smaller bathrooms is to have the shower concealed under the tiles. This shower model is also used to make the décor look modern and cool. The valves and other pipework are hidden inside the wall tiles. It reduces clutter and helps create neat edges. 

When you use an exposed shower, you can face problems like knocking the valve accidentally while you shower leading to a change in water temperature or pressure. The concealed model is ideal for small spaces. Adding the shower when you upgrade the tiles can reduce the installation cost. You can buy a concealed electric shower online at affordable deals when you buy at reputed sites like Letta London. 

Install Large Mirrors

A big mirror is a popular choice for two key reasons. Firstly, it expands the small space and the second reason is it adds a stylish touch to the décor. It can even become the statement piece of the room.

Use a mirror wall for the bathroom sink. The piece will suit any type of bathroom style including refined, modern, minimalist, and more. To make the space appear even bigger, consider using a thin counter. Place lights over the mirror or on the sides to provide better lighting.

Segmented Décor

Divide the bathroom into zones to make the space appear bigger.  By having clearly defined spaces, you can enlarge the space. Wood panelling to delineate the toilet from the sink and splashback tiles are some ideas that can make the room appear bigger. Hanging a shower curtain to separate the shower from the rest of the room is another idea to consider. It adds colour and looks stylish.

Side Taps

Limited space need not restrict you from decorating the bathroom properly. A few unique changes can give you the look you have in mind. Choose a slim counter with an oblong sink. They will take up minimal space. To make the narrow sink comfortable to use, add a tap to the side. Consider small basin taps if the sink is less than 6 cm in width. There are mixer taps available in diverse designs, styles, and materials to choose from.

Minimize Clutter

One ideal way to make the space look bigger is to avoid clutter as much as possible. Some tips include:

  • Hang the towels on hooks or towel bars.
  • Keep the tile and wall patterns simplistic to open the space.
  • Consider a pedestal sink instead of a large vanity unit.
  • A glass door in the place of a shower curtain can make the space look bigger.
  • Use shiny ceramic tiles of bigger size to create big reflective surfaces.


Proper lighting can make even the most minuscule space look bigger. Try to use natural light as much as possible. Install frosted or clear windows to ensure proper lighting. Use light-coloured curtains and blinds for better lighting. Consider skylight windows for loft conversion spaces. 

If windows are not an option, use lighting fixtures that provide as much brightness to the room as possible. Add lights to the sides of the mirror or use bright paint colour for increasing the brightness.

Corner Units

Consider using corner sinks and toilets. They save space and use up otherwise unused space in the room. The sink can be of pedestal type or wall mounted. Instead of floor-mounted vanity units use the walls for storage. 

Recessed shelving is another space-saving storage option for small spaces. Use sunken shelves near the shower for the shower essentials. The shelves with LED lights will create a unique touch to the room besides providing space.

Final Thoughts

With the right décor elements, you can easily turn a cramped space into a comfortable and roomy area. Use the tips our experts have lined up to convert your small bathroom into one of the best-looking and functional spaces in your home.

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