Super hand poker features on Major Site Toto


The regulations of the game state that this 메이저사이트is the case. We will assume that the Super Hand Poker feature is always turned on because this page is devoted to Super Hand Poker and not Triple Play Poker.

Just playing the standard game would cost메이저사이트 seventy-five cents at a rate of five nickels per hand; however, to activate the Super Hand feature, we must pay twice as much. Because of this, the cost per Play at the nickel stakes is now $1.50; nonetheless, for clarity, we have outlined the varied cost per cover rates for each of the four common coin denominations below.

You can see that the total cost to cover when playing Super Hand Poker will always be 30 times the coin denomination that you select. This is because 15 coins will go toward the standard game, and another 15 cash will go toward the Super Hand feature.


To account for the fact that each hand will cost us $1.50, we change the value of our coins to nickels and place the maximum allowable wager of 30 coins before beginning Play.


After that, three different and independent decks of playing cards, each representing a conventional deck of playing cards with 52 cards (Joker Poker uses decks with 53 cards), are used to dish out three different hands. Because of this, you may draw the same card numerous times in a row because you are utilizing three separate decks.

Consider the following scenario as an illustration: We have been dealt three hands, and they are arranged as follows across the screen:

Three diamonds, five hearts, five spades, and three clubs. Pair of fives, nines, and kings of hearts, diamonds, and clubs equals ace of diamonds and King of clubs. Queen of spades, King of clubs, Jack of clubs = Straight Two of clubs, seven of hearts, seven of spades, seven of diamonds, three of diamonds = Three of a Kind Queen of spades, King of clubs, Jack of clubs = Straight (7s)

These examples hands demonstrate how the duplicate card issue is resolved. For instance, the King of Clubs occurs in the top and middle hands, while the 3 of Diamonds appear in both the top and bottom hands. Remember that each hand uses its own deck, which means it is theoretically possible for you to line up a royal flush on two or even three hands while playing the same deal.

You will immediately be paid out on the highest hand displayed on the screen if you are playing Super Hand Poker at this stage, which is the game’s first “bonus” for the player. In this particular instance, the straight that can be discovered in the middle hand consists of the 9 10 J Q K.


Even though the Jacks or Better game choice comes with two different pay tables (we will discuss this topic further in the following section), the payment for completing a straight one remains the same: four coins. Look at the typical “30 9 5” Jacks or Better pay table utilized in Super Hand Poker for the time being. We will get into the specifics of the pay table later on in the lesson.

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