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IGT’s Super Times Pay is a video poker game that, in certain circumstances, will offer you a multiplier on the winnings from that hand. The only catch is to activate the multiplier. Making the maximum stake, five coins plus a sixth coin, would be best.

Does it end up being worthwhile in the long run?

The lowest possible multiplier is two times your original wager, while the highest is ten times. If you win a huge reward in combination with the multiplier, this creates some intriguing possibilities for you to consider.

But from a tactical point of view, is it wise to use the multiplier?

Find out as we discuss the various betting possibilities, regulations, and variations of Super Times Pay Poker and the paytable and Super Times Pay Poker strategy. Instructions on How to Play the Video Poker Game Super Times Pay

Bets on the Super Times Pay Poker Game

The video poker game Super Times Pay is a multi-hand version, which means that, depending on the machine, you can play anywhere from three to ten hands at once.

At the bottom of the screen is where you select the number of hands, the quantity of your stake, and the bonus bet.

If you play a game with three hands, the betting options available will be one hand to five needles, one coin to five coins per hand, and one bonus bet.

Making the maximum bet on each hand and the bonus wager would be best to get the best possible payout. We will explain why this is the case in the part when we discuss the pay table. According to the illustration, this amounts to a total of 18 coins.

Playing a machine with a quarter denomination results in a bet of $6.00 every turn, which is excessive for most players. Go for a device that accepts nickels as the denomination if you don’t want to spend much money on each spin.

There is also a button labeled “Max Bet,” and players have the power to alter the pace at which the game is played.

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