Tech Guide: 7 Common Apple AirPods Issues and Solutions

Apple AirPods Issues

Apple AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed to work on iPhones and iPad. But aside from that, since it is a Bluetooth audio device, you can also use it with other devices, such as smartphones and computers. But note that AirPods is a wireless device, making it even more different.

Apple AirPods also include a so-called accelerometer, which helps to sense gestures. The optical sensors are also a tool to know if they’re already inserted in your ears and microphones for phone calls. But despite the fantastic features of Apple AirPods, you may encounter problems like if the AirPods have weak sound and you guess how to make your AirPods louder or any other common issues. To know more about Apple AirPods, here is the list to help you with some of its problems and solutions.

1. Patchy Audio and Static Problems

If it’s about the audio, it might be because you are from your source; the Apple AirPods have an impressive range of around 100 feet. But while using it, you can encounter obstacles such as doors, walls, or maybe from the source itself. The way to resolve this is to keep your device close to you, like putting it in your bag or pocket; then, it won’t be a problem anymore. 

The WiFi can also be the reason for experiencing inconsistent sound. WiFi is interfering with the Apple AirPods W1 chip, which is located inside the AirPods. Still, the second generation of AirPods has the H1 chip, which makes the AirPods work better. You may turn it off or try to change your location to improve your AirPods sound.

2. AirPods Won’t Connect to Your iPhone 

If you can’t figure out why it isn’t connecting to your iPhone, then try to return your AirPods to their charging case and wait for 10-15 minutes before taking them out again to try. If it doesn’t work, then do it manually instead. Open your Control Center, tap into the top-right corner of the Now Playing box, and manually select your AirPods. Sometimes the iPhone is the problem; try to disable your Bluetooth in attempting to toggle the Airplane Mode on and off. 

And if all of it won’t work, do something tricky: restart your iPhone. Your other option is resetting your AirPods. After resetting them, you may pair them again. If you notice that your AirPods LEDs aren’t appearing, it is either out of battery. First, to fix the issue, try to charge them for 3-5 minutes and try it again.

3. AirPods Won’t Charge

It is said that a few of the users reported their AirPods wouldn’t charge properly. Apple suggested that the users check their charging cables or try to charge their iPhones. If it works perfectly fine, then check the Lightning port of your AirPods charging case. Many users have their way of carrying their AirPods. They may put them into their bags or their pockets. It will be the reason for having debris result from a lodged in the AirPods charging port. 

To prevent this from happening, be consistent in cleaning the charging port. You can use a thin object, like a pin or a paperclip, to straighten it to reach all the debris better. But if you don’t have those, try using your Apple Sim key, which you use to access the SIM on an iPhone. So carefully scrape it inside and clean anything that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Again, be careful to prevent damaging delicate parts, such as the metal connectors inside the iPhone port.

4. AirPods Battery Draining Too Fast

Remember that enabling the Automatic Ear Detection can continuously optimize your AirPods battery life. Check the heading to Settings > Bluetooth and proceed by tapping the “i” on your AirPods. Sometimes a software quirk may be the reason for the issue; better to reset your AirPods. Remember that your Airpods battery and its charging case are the same as your iPhone’s battery. 

Apple offers AirPods Service and Repair, which allows you to replace the batteries of your AirPods for only $49 each. And for your charging case, it is another $49 as well; the more cycles of the AirPods batteries complete, the lower its overall charge. It is how the battery lithium-ion age, so always take care of your AirPods.

5. AirPods Are Pairing With The Wrong Device

The AirPods are not perfect; they get confused as well. If you have multiple devices, then it’s one of the issues. Sometimes pairing them to your device is difficult since the AirPods will default pair to the last device you used. If you have a later model of iPhone, swipe down from the top-right corner so you can open the control panel. But if you have the earlier version, swipe it from the bottom of the screen so you can access the control center. 

Now proceeding into the control center, next is to locate the AirPlay icon in the “now playing” tile. Then click into your AirPods list; if you have a computer or a tablet, click its volume from the menu to the menu. From there, you may click on your AirPods from the list. Remember that your other option is to pair your AirPods from the System Preferences. Then click on the sound and output, and you can now try to locate the AirPods.

6. Lost The AirPods

The AirPods aren’t the same as wired earbuds; they are sleek and small. It is excellent when you use them, but the chance to misplace them is possible. But set aside your worry because there is a way to locate them. One of the ways is to use the Apple Find My iPhone, which is also a tool to locate your AirPods. But this can only work if they still have the battery. If they do not have it, then you can only find it at the last known place when it still has some charge left. 

And if you are confident that your AirPods is only at your house, but you’re unsure of its location, then you may try using the play sound option. What to do if your AirPods are turned on and it has battery power, the AirPods will produce a beeping noise, and that will help you to find your Airpods. Be always prepared in this kind of scenario because it usually happens to many users.

7. The Automatic Ear Detection Feature is Not Working

If you are listening to your music and the Automatic Ear Detection just suddenly paused it, or the other reason is when you are removing the AirPods from your ears. If this doesn’t happen to you most of the time, you must first check the enabled feature. Go to Setting > Bluetooth, then tap onto the “i” next to your AirPods, making sure that the Automatic Ear Detection is on. 

Your AirPods should be able to detect it whenever you are using it. But there are times when it gets tough to use it, so be consistent in cleaning your AirPods. It might be dirty already, which might be one reason it is not functioning well. Its sensor won’t work if the ear wax or dust covers it if it is dirty. To make cleaning easier, use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol, and don’t forget your Airpods case.


Apple’s AirPods have good features but know that the other wireless earphones can have them too. But it is a fact that AirPods is also a great choice mainly for iPhone users but be prepared for its possible problems. Always be careful whenever you use it, and don’t forget to enjoy listening to music. Happy listening!

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