The 12000 BTU 20 SEER2 115V: A High-efficiency Split AC Unit from Costway

ostway split air conditioner

Split AC is an AC system, which, as the name suggests, consists of two separate units; condenser and evaporator. The condenser is installed outside, while the evaporator is installed in the cooled area. The two are connected by insulated refrigerant lines. Usually, Split AC tends to be quiet because its noisy part (condenser) is placed outside the room. There are many types of Split AC in the market but this time we are going to talk about the 12000 BTU 20 SEER2 115V Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner, a popular Costway split air conditioner.

This is Split AC. Made by Costway with a large compressor and heat pump capacity (1-ton heat pump). The efficiency is high thanks to no need to open and close the compressor every time it opens the power frequency. This already high efficiency is further enhanced by the automatic defrost feature.

There are 5 working modes offered by this Costway air conditioner. They are automatic, heating, cooling, fan, and dehumidifier. They were created to anticipate the temperature requirements of different seasons. To enhance the user experience, Costway has also added 4 fire modes; sleep mode, ECO mode, iFEEL, and Turbo.

This air conditioner is very easy to control remotely with a functional remote controller. To set the time, for example, the remote control can be used to set the active time, from half an hour to 24 hours. In fact, unlike other AC units, the screen will turn off automatically when the remote control is not in use. This is intended to minimize distractions.

Cleaning is also quite simple thanks to the automatic cleaning feature which is brought in at 134.6°F. Cleaning at this temperature ensures the permanent elimination of germs and viruses that lurk in the interior corners of the air conditioner. If you are able to clean your air conditioner yourself, of course, you don’t need to contact your AC technician often. You can save your money in the long run!

The design allows for simple installation despite the relatively large dimensions of the unit (requires two boxes to ship separately). But thanks to its split design, installation, and maintenance are not two complicated things anymore. And to cover its advantages, this Split AC unit is accompanied by a 2-year warranty for the compressor and 5 years for its spare parts. Not only warranty, but every buyer will also get 24/7 customer support to help them if problems come after purchase. However, the warranty is only valid if the unit is installed by a licensed HVAC installer.

Split AC vs Central AC: Which of the two is better?

Most people always compare Split AC and Central AC. Which is better? The wisest answer is that both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

First of all, we have to understand in advance how they form. We start from Central AC. It usually consists of two main units; an evaporator and a condenser. Outside the room is the condenser and inside is the compressor, Tx valve, and other cooling components. Inside the room is the evaporator, which functions as a distributor of cold or warm air into the room. The range of Central AC is usually wider. You may only need one unit to cool all of the rooms.

We will talk about Split AC. Split AC has a narrower range but is simpler. Split AC systems with cooling in multiple rooms (Multi Split) can be controlled separately so that each room can be “cooled differently”. It can be concluded that Split AC is simpler and easier to control. Even if a problem occurs, it will only affect the specific area it covers. However, Split AC is usually more extravagant. So when compared to Central AC at the same level, it consumes 30% more power on average. Nothing is better or worse between the two of them. It all depends on your needs and expectations. If you need an AC unit with a large capacity and the rooms in your house are not “too partitioned”, then Central AC might be for you. But if your house consists of small rooms that are far apart, Split AC is definitely the best option.

Interested in purchasing a 12000 BTU 20 SEER2 115V Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner?

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Costway is a special e-commerce platform because unlike Amazon, eBay, and such, it only sells its own original products. Its wide distribution network allows fast delivery in just a few days. Known for its affordable quality products, Costway is one of the best solutions for you to get quality household products at affordable prices.

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