User-friendly Online Accommodation Booking Software

Accommodation Booking Software

Hotel booking Software is a user-friendly online accommodation booking software that integrates seamlessly with your existing website, empowering you to take reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Suited to single hotels, motels, resorts, and B&B right through to hotel chains, no matter how big or how small your hotel is, you can truly benefit from providing cost-effective booking software from your very own website. Accommodation booking software offers one low Flat Rate Fee per confirmed reservation, no minimum monthly fees, no maintenance fees, and no setup fees. The software checks in real-time room availability, prices, etc, and pay online with credit cards. The prices vary as per the season and for the type of room (single, double, with balcony, etc). It provides the facility to give discounts for long stays, returning guests, and many more. It can be easily managed and updated from the back office. Instant notification is sent via fax and email to the hotels.

End Users have separate logins to track their reservations and cancel them. Site owners have separate logins to manage the entire portal. Individual hoteliers have their own login to manage their room availability and check up for their reservations. The software delivers real-time online reservations to consumers, travel agencies, and corporate clients directly from the website

Overall Benefits:

  • Saves valuable time, and cuts costs as Availability checks and instant confirmations eliminate email exchanges between Guests and your Reservations Department.
  • Reliable and user-friendly software is easy-to-follow, with uncluttered screens and prompts
  • Advanced search functions allow your guests to search your website for accommodation in their chosen destination. Search results indicate whether accommodation is available
  • Grab attention by cross-selling and up-selling, offer promotions, and redeem coupons with the P2P (Product to Product) Up-Sell Display Linking and Integrated Coupon & Discount Engine
  • Automate inquiry and guest contact management with instant Confirmation
  • Distributing “last minute” rates to travel agents, corporate clients, and Internet users
  • Dynamic Room Allotment Reduces Distribution costs
  • Promote Hot Deals

Look at it another way. Let’s say someone finds your place via a search engine. They like the look of it. They decide to check your availability. How? Many people – especially busy business folk – just want to check whether you have a room and book it. They don’t want to phone you and chat. If they want a dull old chain motel, you can bet that will have online booking software.

So why are you putting an obstacle in their way when they want to book your B & B, guest house, or family hotel? Isn’t it difficult enough to get the new business anyway?

The only reasonable argument might be the price. Some kinds of room booking programs can be thousands of dollars. That’s a lot to invest upfront. Today though, you don’t have to come up with that kind of payment at all. There is easy-to-learn, flexible accommodation reservation software that you just pay a few dollars per room, per month. It’s even hosted and run by the software designers so you don’t have to install anything on your computer or maintain an expensive program – just link from your website to theirs. It’s the perfect solution for you – and just what your customers have been waiting for!

Online Travel Software for Better Travel Management Software

Modernization in travel and tourism technology makes it easier. Online travel management software is user-friendly and available 24X7. One can gather lots of information about the destination which they desire to travel by the help of online technology. If you want to plan a holiday and you have time constraints then with the help of online travel software you can manage it best.

With the help of online travel portals, one can book tickets at the best possible rates and can plan their journey timing accordingly. The best part is one can plan your travel at any time and in any place with the help of an internet connection. Once you book your tickets online you will get the confirmation email with your ticket attached and also receive the notification message on your mobile or email instantly. Travelers can create a separate user id and password and can log in to the websites to track their reservations as well as can cancel them. The online travel site owner has separate login to manage the entire website.

How online travel management software helps

Reputed travel companies are connected with the latest technology as well as trusted flight and hotel booking suppliers. These suppliers help them to understand the need of the online user which relate to any destination across the world. Most of these online travel websites use the filtration technique which provides the information in real-time. These websites provide the latest information available about the destination. It saves lots of time and cost. It gives instant notification about your booking. It also promotes hot deals and redemption of coupons. Online travel management software distributes last-minute rates to internet users or corporate clients.

How do these websites help you as a customer?

Travel agency software helps you to make your itinerary as per your requirement with hassle-free service. You will provide complete information about hotel ratings. They take care of accommodation, book your ticket. They arrange the foreign exchange on your behalf in case of abroad travelling. Your tour will be properly organized and managed. If you are an adventure and sports lover they suggest various activities like rock climbing, river rafting, scuba diving, and other outdoor activities at the best possible rates.

If you wish to travel by road they will provide you with tourist cars or coaches as per requirement. The driver has good communication skills with knowledge of various languages. They have also tie-ups with travel guides who can show and guide you about the place and the history behind it. The guide has a pleasing personality with a knowledge of various languages. They will provide all these facilities with the best possible packages so that you don’t need to bother about your journey.

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