Vaping: Is It Worth It?


In today’s time, it is common for us to encounter certain individuals who vape. Most of those who you meet often tell you how it is better than traditional smoking as you do not inhale nicotine itself. Vape or electronic cigarettes have been around since the early 1980s but were actually imagined way back in the 1920s. Many have actually attempted to create and invent a way to smoke without having to face its effects of it, especially on one’s health but it wasn’t until the 1980s wherein Jed Rose, a scientist based at UCLA invented the first nicotine patch which he called “distilled smoke”.  

In 2003, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik invented the so-called “e-cigarette” that we know today. It has since then evolved and made its way into the market in which many companies and entrepreneurs are taking interest as it has recently become a “trend” to the youth.  

Now that we know its history and how it became as it is, the vaping community has since then continuously grown and is seen as one of the rising trends among teenagers and young adults. But is it actually something worth investing in? 


Health & Environment

  • Unlike traditional cigarettes, the effects of vaping are much less dangerous both to our health and the environment. The vapor that vapes produce does not stay and linger in the air that long and does not stick to clothing or any material that absorbs smells. It is extremely helpful as it also reduces the risk of second-hand smoking. 
  • Many individuals resort to using vapes or e-cigarettes to reduce their usage of smoking since it also has a similar sensation to inhaling tobacco. It is somehow similar to soft-launching their quit to smoking completely. It has been said that vaping improves breathing, improved heart and lung function, improvement in your immunity, and even reduces blood pressure. 


  • While the vaping community has many variations to offer from its range of flavors to types, you can still find many that are very low-cost. Considering that its industry is very competitive, many vape companies sell their products at a low price range.  Although some equipment may come off a little bit pricey, it can be used long-term and most of the e-liquids that are being sold are inexpensive. 


  • Since vapes have become a product that has recently a rise in demand, finding shops that sell these e-cigarettes has become easier. Obtaining one isn’t that hard these days unlike before. And because online shopping has also become a trend, buying vapes has become effortless. 
  • Using one is not that complicated either. Even if one has no experience in using such apparatus, learning it is quite easy. Considering that there are many variations of e-cigarettes, there is plenty that is easy to use for beginners such as vape pods. 



  • Yes, vapes are much less dangerous than cigarettes but it does not mean that they do not contain elements that are still harmful to our health. Vaping has potential health risks that can be long-term affecting not only the user but also others who are within the vicinity of the vapor produced. 


  • Although vaping is not that hard to understand, there are others who find it complicated as it is a completely different concept from traditional smoking and they might find it frustrating to learn how to use it. There are some variations of vape that may require special attention and maintenance and often times people might find it annoying and confusing. 

Altogether, vaping comes down to one’s personal preferences. Other individuals may use vape as a way to relieve stress, others use it for medical reasons and others also use it as an alternative to smoking. Either way, vaping can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how we decide to use them. A great product to try when vaping is the Delta 8 THC vapes. As previously mentioned earlier, e-cigarettes have many variations to offer to people who want to try them and the THC vapes are no exemption. Vaping can become much more satisfying knowing its quality and what is in them. Vaping isn’t certainly for everyone but with the right selection, it can become a worthy investment. 

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