Why It’s Time To Switch To A Bubbler From A Pipe?

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Smokers who enjoy smoking herbs mostly use bongs. They can take in their herbs’ full flavor and have a smooth smoking experience. Their second best choice is dry pipes; however, bubblers recently popped up on the list. According to many cannabis and herbs, smokers’ bubblers open the way to a more healthy smoking experience than using conventional pipes.

It is modern equipment, simpler to use than glass pipes, and is renowned for its excellent smoking experience. With more people knowing how to use bubbler, these devices are quickly becoming a staple smoking accessory for regular users and patients.

Utilizing a bubbler over a bong or dry pipe offers many benefits. The best thing about a bubbler is that it doesn’t keep the taste for long in addition to a smooth taste. For this reason, they are made from glass.

Read ahead to learn how to use a bubbler and its benefits.

Bubbles are easy as you only need to fill the chamber with cool water. This will give you a more manageable and smoother experience later. Once you’ve examined the water level, you can place the herb inside the dish. However, it is vital to ensure your dish is clean before you place your herbs in it.

The second thing to do after you keep the herbs in your bowl is to light your bubbler. If there’s a curb inside, you must cover it with your thumb before inhaling the smoke released from the bubbler’s chamber. Once you’ve determined that ample smoke is accumulated inside, take your thumb to enjoy an easy-to-filter smoking session.

Bubbler Vs. Pipes

A bubbler can be viewed as a wet smoking tool, while smoking from a pipe is considered dry smoking. Although pipes are easier to clean and more transportable than bubblers, they cannot cool down the smoke before it enters your lungs. Due to this reason, their use brings you a more pleasant smoking experience as they cool the smoke before you breathe, which reduces the effect of smoking on your body. Here are some popular benefits of bubblers over other smoking tools.

Better Smoke Filter

These are the best for your health because they filter smoke even though the path is simple using an air chamber. The water inside the bubbler made of glass is essential to eliminate the unpleasant taste of smoke and the rough feeling. If you can add the percolator to your glass bubbler, it will likely boost the filtering.

Bubbler Pipe Styles

Bubblers are available in various shapes and styles, each with a distinct characteristic that sets them apart from others.


Classic ones usually stand high. Most of the time, they come with an upper bowl over the water chamber. It lets them deliver an elegant smoke.


Spoon devices are more extensive than traditional spoon pipes. It could be because they have an open-air chamber holding water flat. But, spoon bubblers are also very easy to transport around, making them simple to carry around and handy.


The shape resembles smaller hammers rather than glass bowls. This bubbler has more space, allowing it to produce more smoke. It could be due to its long handle. When combined with the tree percolator, the hammer devices can reduce smoke since smoke travels through many glass rods.


One of the most popular things in the market nowadays is animal-themed smoking tools that look like an elephant’s trunk. Such bottles are considered the most suitable option for those who want to smoke dry herbs. It’s a freestanding bubbler and can be placed anywhere on a flat floor, which makes it an ideal option to add to your collections.


Bubblers are the best when portability is your primary concern. Bring a bubbler if you plan to smoke at an event, with a friend, or while on vacation. With a bubbler, you can smoke just like a bowl but with much more comfort and, of course, some style.

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