Why Social Media Audit Is Crucial

Social Media Audit

Social media is a huge part of our lives, providing a platform for people to connect with each other and share opinions, information, and ideas. This means it can also be a source of conflict, as negative opinions or feedback often lead to cyberbullying or harassment.

For this reason, many companies and schools require employees or students to undergo the processes to allow them to identify key players in their social circles and monitor what content they are seeing.

What Should You Look For In A Social Media Auditor?

Here are some factors you can consider when hiring a social media auditor:

  • Reputation: Look for a company that has been in business for many years and is well-respected within your industry.
  • Pricing: See if you can get a better price for larger social media audit report packages.
  • Privacy policy: Ensure your audit report does not contain any personally identifiable information that might violate privacy laws.
  • Quality of reports: Check the samples of reports that the company has created in the past to ensure that you’re satisfied with their product.
  • Free support and advice: Ask about any complimentary consultation or training sessions that might be available. This will help you avoid potential pitfalls when understanding your results.
  • Online reviews and testimonials: Check if other customers have posted reviews online to make a more informed decision. Buy Instagram Followers Cheap – Our delivery time is Instant! – Cheap Instagram followers & High Quality Services. Try us today!

What You Can Do With The Social Media Audit

There are many things that you can accomplish with a social media report, but here are some of the most important:

  • Define your main goals and objectives.
  • Identify top influencers in your network.  Identify negative influencers and individuals with a high number of followers. This will help you determine when they’re active and what content they share about your company.
  • Get an overall sense of the health and tone of your brand on social networks, including any negative feedback or word-of-mouth issues.
  • Identify all security risks related to social media on your company website or other online services that provide contact information.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Social Media Audit?

In as little as thirty minutes, you can review the results of your social media audit and get a ballpark estimate of how many people are participating in conversations about your company, industry, and products.

How Much Is A Social Media Audit?

Audit packages for your platform can range in price depending on two factors:

Size Of Your Account: Depending on the size of your social media network, the price of your audit may go up. This is because an audit requires significant time and effort to determine the overall tone and sentiment of your company’s content.

Number Of Platforms: The number of platforms you have to audit will determine how much your report will cost. You can find good pricing on NetbaseQuid.

Why Choose NetbaseQuid?

NetbaseQuid is a leading social media auditor. The company works with clients to determine what type of social media audit package is right for them. It provides ongoing feedback and consulting to ensure its social media strategy is the most effective.

NetbaseQuid is well-known for advanced artificial intelligence and deep analytics, as well as tools to improve the productivity and effectiveness of social media managers across all industries.


Social media can be used in a way that is also responsible, ensuring that your public image remains positive while minimizing the risk of cyberbullying or defamation. NetbaseQuid can help you identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and begin addressing them. Feel free to contact NetbaseQuid to book an audit!

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